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God’s Gravitas: Devotional Series

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In our daily lives, do we consider God’s gravitas?

Gravitas is defined as the “seriousness and importance of manner, causing feelings of respect and trust in others” (Cambridge Dictionary). How often do we consider the awesomeness of God, to the extent that He draws people to respect and trust in Him?

As part of a recent devotional series, we explored God’s gravitas in three essential characteristics of who He is: a judge, a father, and His gravitas in our weakness. Please find the devotional material available to download below and our prayer is that you will be richly blessed by the material as God speaks to you through it.

God’s Gravitas as Judge

When you picture God, what characteristics come to mind? You might know him as compassionate, gracious, merciful and forgiving.

He is, of course, all of those things.

Yet there are some aspects of God’s character we might, unintentionally or not, choose to dismiss. One of those could be God’s authority as a judge. While it can be uncomfortable for us to dwell on, recognising God’s gravitas as a judge is fundamental for us living a life that is pleasing to him.

'As judge' devotional

God’s Gravitas as Father

Continuing with our focus on God’s gravitas,
we turn to God’s power as a father.

How have you experienced the fatherly love of

We learn in Psalm 68 verses 5 and 6,
that God is a father to the fatherless. Like a father, He defends His children, disciplines His children, and adores them. Yet quite often, with the throws and entanglements of life, we can miss the fatherly direction of our God.

Are we in tune with Him as our Father?

God’s Gravitas in our Weakness

How many of us show our weaknesses? We
live in a society of status and appearance. A
culture where asking for help or losing face
keeps us entrenched in pride. We may go
through life believing we are the ones to fix
our problems. Yet this approach is against
the very fabric of what we should consider as

So, how much do we believe in God’s
gravitas in our weakness? If we truly believed
in it, he would be involved in every moment –
weak or strong.