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Our leaders

Our main leaders comprise of elders and deacons. However, we should point out that there are many people who exercise leadership across the church. There are children’s teachers, musicians, people with pastoral gifts and others who have demonstrated that they have leadership capabilities which we honour and recognise.

Pastor Paul

Paul has over 30 years experience as a pastor. He has successfully pastored 3 other churches in Ludlow, Edinburgh and Gloucester. He is married to Deborah and they have one son, Robbie.

Our elders


Victoria has been part of the church since she was a young girl. After many years in leadership, Vicky has a strong heart for pastoral care and good governance. She is married to James and they have two boys, Matthew and Seth.


Neil is an excellent worship leader. He is a gifted musician and has a strong desire to encounter God’s presence through worship. Neil is married to Arriane and they have two children, Niamh and William.


Rachel is passionate about seeing young families thrive in church and seeing God move in the lives of children, young people and their parents. She is married to Rich and they have two girls, Lois and Hallie, keeping them busy at home.

Our deacons


Tim is our finance officer and he works in finance. He’s extremely gifted in this area and he has a strong belief in accountability and financial responsibility. He is married to Rebekah and they have two children, Anna and Mason.


Tony is a key member of our worship team and has served faithfully over the years as an Elder in our Harrogate church. He is a man of wisdom and maturity. He is a reputable clock repairer by trade. He is married to Sylvia and they have three grown children; Julie, Michelle and Amanda.


Galileo represents our Elim Link congregation. He and his wife Jennifer are on the leadership team of that fellowship. They have two children, Gabriel and Caleb.

Sam Minton


Sam is a very capable musician and experienced in P.A. and with all things technical. Sam is a teacher in a local high school.