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Becoming a partner

Trying to be a Christian on your own is never a good idea and was never encouraged in the bible. The Bible says we need each other. By being together, we can learn from one another, encourage and help one another. The bible uses many terms to describe the church; a family, a community, a body, and a strong building. All these terms indicate that we were never intended to ‘go it alone’.

If you’re thinking about attending York Elim on a regular basis, we’d love to partner with you in your Christian journey. We have a series of classes that will help teach you about the Elim Movement, becoming a church member, how to grow as a Christian (discipleship), how to find and use your gifts and talents and how to tell others about Jesus.

Ministry and teams

It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to make the church run smoothly. We encourage everyone who’s been around for a while to get involved.

There are many areas of ministry that we are always on the look out for:

  • Church setup and take down
  • P.A. and Visuals
  • Welcome team
  • Prayer team
  • Design and Media
  • Children’s work and Creche
    (This will require a DBS Check and some child protection training).

Please consider getting involved. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, please speak to Paul.

Giving financially

As a family we are all expected to share in the running costs of the church. Of course this doesn’t apply to to our guests or those who ‘just looking in’. But for those who attend regularly we want encourage everyone to contribute something.

Naturally, those who have less will give less and those who have blessed, we hope, will give a bit more. Money and giving to churches can be a sensitive and often misunderstood issue. Running a modern church has many expenses and we feel that the responsibility should not fall on the shoulders of just a few.

During our services we will not be lifting a traditional offering (passing the basket round), but there will be different ways for people to give.

  • Standing order
    This is designed for those who attend regularly and the most convenient way to support the church. If you require a standing order mandate form, please speak to Tim.
  • Offering baskets
    If you are new or still prefer to give by traditional means, we will have an offering basket at the back of the church. (Cheques made payable to ‘York Elim Church’)
  • Giving by text
    If you would like to give a one-off gift to the church from your smart phone then please text: CY004 to 64647. The minimum gift is £2. You will be sent a link to make your online gift. Requires mobile phone with web access and a credit/debit card. Your text is charged at your providers standard rate.
  • Card reader
    In the next few months, we hope to introduce a card reader so that you can give directly at the welcome desk.

Gift Aid

People who give to the church and pay income tax can benefit the church even further by filling in a Gift Aid form. Every pound you pay to the church the tax man will contribute a further 25p at no expense to you. Please see Tim for the relevant form.