Our Story


In 2002 our Sunday meetings started to be held “café style”. Visitors were welcomed with tea or coffee; we sat round tables throughout the service which included singing, praying, scripture reading, preaching and discussion. It became so popular, and the church grew so much, that we could no longer do “café style” in our Sunday meeting as we had run out of room. We moved into St Lawrence’s School and then, a few years later, to Archbishop Holgate’s School, where we now meet.

A feature of our church is that we are always welcoming new people and sending out those moving away.


The worship music, the preaching, the children’s programme are all important, and so is our coffee break during the Sunday morning service, but there is more to church than that. We are not consumers hoping to get something out of the church like some sort of product we have chosen.

Church is not a place, it is people. Jesus did not die for buildings but for people. Church is something we belong to where we can gather to celebrate life’s milestones, its joys, sorrows, and victories. We make new memories together as we celebrate life together and as we support one another in prayer and love. We promote healing, wholeness and personal development in one another.

We gather to be in the presence of Jesus. Yes Christians believe that Jesus lives within them by his Spirit, but there is something special about meeting with other believers and inviting Jesus to be the centre of that gathering. The Emmaus disciples said Jesus was revealed to them in the breaking of the bread (Luke 24:35). When we gather, as a community, around the Lord’s Table we celebrate an event of history and anticipate his return. But there is more – we remember Jesus life and Kingdom, we choose reconciliation with God and with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We remind ourselves of the value we see in each other knowing each is precious in his sight and to be loved.

We gather because church is the body of Christ. Jesus is Lord over all things. He is ruling over the whole planet and beyond. If we want Jesus to be our “head”, or leader, we must live as members of his body, the church.

We gather as church so we can then be sent out. When we gather in the presence of Christ, we are re equipped by worship, prayer and teaching to then carry the presence of Christ out to where God has placed us, to our families, workplaces, etc. We are sent out to be agents of his transformation.

Is this the sort of church for you? As you join us for worship, hear God’s word preached, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you, you may want to make York Elim your spiritual home. It will be an adventure as Jesus shapes you and the Holy Spirit works through you.