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York Went to Passion London!


On Thursday the 5th June, at 12.00 noon, two mini buses full of students from churches all around the city of York set off for London. The event? Passion London. There would be a well known American Speaker/Pastor/Evangelist there, Louie Giglio but for most they just didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see three great musical acts for £5! Normally, it would cost at least three times as much to see Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin or Dave Crowder Band as individual acts but £5 for all three it was an unmissable opportunity.

Six hours later and we were there! There were huge queues outside the Apollo theatre in Hammersmith London, hundreds long. Some of us arrived a little later than the 7.00pm start time because we wanted to grab a bite to eat. It was an overwhelming experience walking into the theatre with nearly 3,000 people all worshiping with one of the best worship leaders around, Chris Tomlin.

Passion had requested that everyone bring a bath towel and three pairs of socks for man, woman and child. These were to be given to the needy in London. About 1300 towels (and three times as many socks) were collected! My favourite act of the evening was probably Dave Crowder Band. Even secular music critics rate his music highly. I really like the simple, yet beautiful, poetry of the following lyrics from “He Is Our King”:

And what was said to the rose to make it unfold
Was said to me, here in my chest
So be quiet now, and rest
So be quiet now, and rest.

You can hear the whole of “He Is Our King” on the Dave Crowder Band myspace page. For the What? Who? Where? And Why? of the Passion Conferences, it’d would be best just to direct you to their website, here. It was an unforgettable night, I got home to York at 5.00am! There’s a few pictures below and a youtube video of Dave Crowder band here. I shot the video with my phone so it won’t win any oscars for cinematography, considering this it’s pretty decent anyway.



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