Sunday Sermon 15th May 2011

This week there was only a short preach because we had a meeting where lots of different people shared about how they are involved in mission at the moment. However, we did record what Graham shared. Apologies that the recording misses off the bible reference. It is Acts 12.

Hi All. We had a missions focus on Sunday with a few of our people telling of the adventures they will be up to this summer, with others reporting about previous trips. We also profiles some others we are connected to in various places overseas.

One interesting fact was that we have one person who has been visiting a place in India to serve there as a missionary while at the same time we have believers in our church from India living as missionaries among us. What a great and wonderful thing the church is!

I emphasised though that they usual mission place is where each believer lives and works.

It was only a very short preach therefore. I focused briefly on Acts 12:5

Acts 12:5

See the background in the first verses of the chapter. The situation appeared disastrous, but the church was praying!

I asked the following questions:

Why did they pray?
What motivated them, what belief system did they have?
What experiences had shaped them that influenced them to pray?
Why did they not see the problem as insurmountable?

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