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As a church, we are devoted to developing people from all ages and background in the skills God has given them. One way we do this is through training courses that we run to tackle tricky topics, and equip in areas of serving. The courses allow you to gain wisdom from those in positions of leadership in the church and learn new things with the wider church family.

Currently running

This is a brand new course from ‘Freedom in Christ’. Disciple is an extraordinary 10-week journey to discover who you are in Christ, to take hold of the freedom He has won for you, and to walk in your God-given mandate.

We started on Tuesday 3rd Oct and will run each Tuesday at Elim Corner. Please let Rachel know if you would like to join the group.

Courses that we do from time to time (ask for details of the next one)


Freedom in Christ
This is a 13 week discipleship course that will give you a greater understanding of what it is to be a Christian and how to practice this in normal day life.



Preaching Course
This old favourite (for men and women) is always really successful and offers great advice and practical tips in preparing and delivering a sermon. The following will be covered:
Part 1. Development of the correct attitude both in preparation and before your audience. Including how to stand before your listeners, managing fear, eye contact, personal presentation, etc.
Part 2. Developing Your Delivery. Includes microphone technique, how to start and how to stop, speech
Part 3. Choosing And Preparing Your Preaching Topic. Includes constructing the sermon, assembling the material, structure, plus notes and how to use them
In each session there will be time for discussion and practical exercises.


An Introduction to Christian Leadership
This course covers a range of topics addressing the qualities and character of a leader, and helping you identify your leadership style. Through discussing how Jesus led you will receive a solid foundation from which you can lead people to faith, develop disciples and offer pastoral support. This will also include a snapshot look at interpreting the bible and preaching tips for those interested in that too. We believe leadership is for women too.


An Introduction to Interpreting the Bible.
Mark 16 tells us that believers will pick up snakes and be unharmed – so should we hand out the rattle snakes before or after the Sunday sermon?  What can we learn and apply to our lives from Joshua’s battle practices or Solomon’s marriage policies?  Was Samson a good example?  How do we interpret difficult passages such as Psalm 137?  The aim of hermeneutics is to discover and apply the biblical principles found in Scripture.  In this 4-week course we’ll take an overview of how to do just that using lots of groups exercises, accessible teaching, and practical guides on a subject that is of high importance to everyone who wants to take seriously what God is saying through the Bible.


Old Testament Course
Is the Old Testament a closed book to you? You know the stories we tell kids, but little else.  In this course, find out what all 39 books are about and how they fit together.  Find out what God is saying through the authors and what he has to say to us in the 21st Century. John Barton delivers this high-content bible teaching on the Old Testament. This is a five-week course.



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