Meet the team

Photo of Graham

Graham Hutchinson

Graham has been the senior Pastor at York Elim since 1999. He is married to Penny. On a Sunday morning he leads the Teaching service at Archbishop Holgate’s School. He is also the co-chair of One Voice York, a York-wide organisation that unifies church leaders and ministries. He is married to Penny and has two grown up daughters.


John BartonPhoto of John

John is an Elder of York Elim, and looks after the church finances. John is married to Mary and they have two grown up sons and one grown up daughter. John is the longest serving elder on the leadership team. He and his family have been part of York Elim since 1983.

Neil MorganPhoto of Neil

Neil is the musical director at York Elim. Neil is married to Arriane and they have two young children. Neil and Arriane moved to York a few years ago.

Rachel WhittakerPhoto of Rachel

Rachel leads the youth work and co-ordinates the children’s work alongside the Sunday School team. Rachel helps to involve children of all ages into the life of the church. She also works alongside YoYo to deliver assemblies in a local primary school.

Rob Newton
Photo of Rob
Rob is an Elder of York Elim. Rob is married to Suze and they are a young family with one son. Rob and Suze have been part of York Elim for a longer period of time. They became part of the church whilst they were studying at the university in York.
Victoria Barton
Photo of Victoria
Victoria has been a member at York Elim for over 30 years. She is a wife, mum, plant biologist and avid knitter. She loves to pray with young and old alike to see Jesus breakthrough in their circumstances and transform lives. Victoria and her family attend the Elim Festival summer camp every year and encourage others in the church to join them.